University Printing Services provides full printing and bindery services to University department faculty/staff, students and the general public.

In response to Covid-19, we have been asked to eliminate face-to-face services.  Therefore, while Printing Services remains staffed, we have closed our walk-up locations in both Davies and Schofield.  

Please contact us at or 715-836-5621 to arrange for your order to be picked up or delivered:

  • On-campus customers - please call when you are ready for your order, and we will make arrangements for either pick up or delivery.
  • Off-campus customers:  please call ahead for curbside delivery; or we will offer delivery service between the hours of 11:00 am and 2:00 pm weekdays.

We apologize for any convenience; thank you for your continued support of Printing Services!


#10 Regular and Window Envelopes can now be ordered online through a Template!   Locate the templates by clicking on "New Order", then "Stationery" from the blue bar at the top of this page.  You will see #10 Regular and #10 Window envelopes along with letterhead.  Click on what you are looking for, enter the requested information, and when you select "Continue", you will be able to see a proof copy and approve it.  Proceed to enter your billing, due date, and delivery information, "Continue" and "Finish" to submit your order.  As with all online orders, you will receive an email confirmation of your order.   

The new UWEC business card templates are finished and ready for use!   There are three versions: the Seal/blank back, the Seal/Mission back, and the Seal/Land Recognition back. 

You can locate the templates to enter your business card order by clicking on "New Order", then "Business Cards" from the blue bar at the top of this page.  Select which of the three business cards you want to order, read through the instructions,  and begin entering your information.   Once entered, you will be able to see a proof copy and approve it.  This is the only proof you receive; you will no longer receive a proof via e:mail.

Please contact us at Printing Services, 715-836-5621, with questions or for assistance. 

The "Power of And" Business Cards are no longer available.

New Name Badges are Here!

We now offer two different styles of name badges. 

  1. The silver two- or three-line badges we have had for several years.  Two-line badges are $9.00; and three-line badges are $10.00. 
  2. The new badge is wider (2") and slightly shorter than a business card (3 1/4").  It is imprinted on the top in white with a blue background.

The hard copy order forms are available in our Davies and Schofield locations; and a printable version is on the Printing Services Web page.  Scroll to near the bottom of the page, under "Additional Resources" and you will see tabs for both the Silver and the Full Color Name Badges.

Synthetic (waterproof) cover and text weight stock is now available!  This is perfect for menus, water-resistant business cards, outdoor signs, etc.

To submit an order, select:

  1. New Order
  2. Printing Order
  3. Synthetic Waterproof Paper

and following the normal order submission process.

Files Attached to Orders To maintain the integrity of your files (including fonts) when you enter orders online, please convert them to PDFs and review them to make sure nothing has changed, THEN attach the PDF version to your online order.  Thank you!
































Hours, Location and Phone Numbers

Printing Services is open! However, walk-up locations in Davies and Schofield are Closed due to Covid-19  

        Curbside pickup and delivery services are         

 available; please call or email for details

Large Order Off-Campus Printing - 

University Departments ONLY.  Please leave a message:

Please contact us with any questions:

  715-836-5621 or

Thank you for your continued support!


















































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